Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The donuts that saved Christmas

Here is the infamous donut recipe from one of my favorite blogs.

My mom made, literally, like 5 batches of these before we came to visit and froze them. She used a mini-donut maker that made the cooking very easy and the cleanup even easier. Just do an internet search on "mini donut maker" and you'll see lots of inexpensive options. The final step of brushing with honey then coating with coconut is an extra touch that makes these look and taste fantastic, even to a non-gaps palate.

They freeze well and are perfect for when you just gotta have something "normal".

Enjoy!! Thank you Comfy Belly!!!!


  1. Mmmmm... Donuts. - Homer Simpson

  2. Hi Kati!

    I love this recipe, too! I have not yet tried it -- have to get the donut pans -- but found it about 2 weeks ago and showed to my husband. They looked like they would be great!

    I only wish my grandson's father were not allergic to coconuts. I'll have to adapt the recipes for anything I want to send over for my grandson to try. Do you think this recipe would do okay with half sunflower seed and half pumpkin seed flour? I'll have to give it a try that way for Bryce, but will definitely make some for us with the coconut flour. :)